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  • Preparation of brochures in English for the British market
  • Translation of content of brochures
  • Production of content for websites
  • Creation of websites and content management systems (CMS)
  • Design of brochures, merchandising and show displays.
  • Coordination of promotions with local partners to maximise your exposure.
  • Search of media sponsors to maximise your media expenditure.
  • Organisation of events for consumers (parties, cocktails, wine tastings)
  • Search of sponsors for events / fundraising.
  • Development of travel supplements, guides and special promotions.
  • Actualisation of information in travel guides.


  • 03.08.12
    August 4th to 11th, 2012   Ski Portillo, Chile – Chile is world renowned for its top-caliber wines. This season, Portillo will present, for the eleventh consecutive year, wine from some of the most prestigious vineyards in the country. Experts will share their knowledge through various tastings and informational talks, allowing Portillo’s guests to discover aroma and flavor from Chile's wine valleys.
  • 12.06.12
    Hotel Santa Cruz proposes a special programme to pamper your father, having a splendid day at Viña Santa Cruz and relaxing at the Inka Spa.   Hotel Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley. - As your father deserves a deluxe celebration on his special day, Hotel Santa Cruz - located in the middle of Colchagua Valley-, has created a special programme to pamper one of the people you…
  • 22.05.12
    WINE FESTIVAL WEEK AT PORTILLO – AUGUST 25TH – SEPTEMBER 1TH Wine tasting and skiing in Portillo plus a complimentary night at the Santiago Ritz-Carlton and free transfers to Portillo!   Ski Portillo, Chile. – From August 25th until September 1th, 2012, Wine Festival Week will give guests the opportunity to learn at no additional charge more about the wonderful world of Chilean wine and their winemakers who offer personally…
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